Private Seller Auction,, no reserve, ending today!

With only a few hours to go, the domain name is in auction by a Private Seller on with no reserve. This is one of the first listed domains on DropCatch’s recently launched Marketplace for Sellers. The Marketplace

Posted in Uncategorized is reducing the starting price for .COM and .NET discount club backorders for the month of February!

This promotion is only for the Discount Club – Regular backorder prices do not change. Starting February 6th through February 28th, 2017 place a .COM discount club backorder for $8.00 USD, or a .NET Discount Club backorder for $10.00 USD.

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.ORG backorders $15.00 USD for the month of September, 2016.

DropCatch is reducing the pricing of regular .ORG domain names for the month of September. Starting September 1st, 2016 all regular .ORG backorders will be $15.00. Make sure you place your backorder before the .ORG cut off time : 6:45

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Now Accepting .ORG Backorders on!

DropCatch is expanding our reach on backorders to include .ORG domain names. In addition to .COM, .NET, .CC, and .TV, you may now place regular backorders on dropping .ORG domain names through! Backorders for dropping .ORG domain names will

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Discount Club Now Available to All

The Discount Club is a backorder club for customers interested in backordering numerous backorders a day at rates lower than standard backorder. The Name Your Price model of the Discount club allows you to name your backorder price, and only

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DropCatch Now Supports .CC and .TV Backordering

DropCatch just enabled .cc and .tv domain extensions.  Each backorder costs $59.00 USD and the same rules apply: One backorder on a domain – if we acquire the domain name, you are charged a one-time fee of $59.00 USD.  You

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System Issues – Sunday, July 19th

As of Sunday night, July 19th we have become aware of several issues. The first issue is with some users not being able to check out or domain names not displaying in the shopping cart. The second issue is that

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