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Systems Issue

We’ve been made aware that we had some issues with the notifications that went out to customers after today’s drop; we are currently performing an audit of the system to make sure that everything gets put where it belongs, and

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DropCatch Scheduled Maintenance – Thursday November 13th

Please note DropCatch will be performing routine maintenance tomorrow; Thursday November 13th at 1:30 PM Mountain Standard Time. We will not be making any changes during the last 12 hours of live auctions and planned downtime is currently scheduled to

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Backorder API

We’ve frequently fielded customer requests for API access to’s backordering service. Well, here you go! We’ve just exposed 2 API endpoints to support backordering domains and canceling open backorders. We have examples using both C# for Windows users and plain old

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DropCatch Gets a Shopping Cart

One of the most awkward things about using DropCatch is paying for domains. In the initial design of DropCatch we had a full checkout experience, but we elected to use NameBright’s payment systems so that we could focus on the more critical

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Backorder Audit

Incorrect “Misses” An internal process which alerts customers of caught and missed domains failed for Monday’s drop (7/14).  The domains have been … doing nothing … in a holding account in our system, but were marked as missed. So we were curious

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Backorder Issues Over The Weekend

Hey folks, It looks like we had some problems with backorders over the weekend; the people working on the triage effort put a post up here that mis-outlined the situation, so allow us to clarify now that the dust has

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Backorder Issues Today

One of our back-end processes did not property function this afternoon, thus our network of registrars caught domain names which were not placed into your account (if single backorder) or into auctions. We are aware of the issue and we will

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