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Backorder Issues Over The Weekend

Hey folks, It looks like we had some problems with backorders over the weekend; the people working on the triage effort put a post up here that mis-outlined the situation, so allow us to clarify now that the dust has

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Backorder Issues Today

One of our back-end processes did not property function this afternoon, thus our network of registrars caught domain names which were not placed into your account (if single backorder) or into auctions. We are aware of the issue and we will

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Auction News (and a Font Change)

Hello All! Later today, you’ll notice a domain come back up for auction that just finished auctioning yesterday; we re-list unpaid-for auctions, but this is a special case because of a subtle user-interface-design problem. The domain “” when cased and displayed

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DropCatch Open Beta

Ladies and Gentleman, we’d like to announce – with some pride and good cheer – that DropCatch is now in Open Beta! In the last handful of months, our wonderful users have helped us find all manner of small (yet bothersome)

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