DropCatch Open Beta

Ladies and Gentleman, we’d like to announce – with some pride and good cheer – that DropCatch is now in Open Beta!

In the last handful of months, our wonderful users have helped us find all manner of small (yet bothersome) bugs, as well as giving us feedback on our pricing model, auction rules and everything else on the site; we’ve read every piece of correspondence we’ve gotten, and given all of your suggestions and requests due consideration.

Open Beta represents a new stage in DropCatch’s maturity: we’ve had excellent stability, our support requests have gotten quite a bit lighter, while user participation has been going up steadily; we’re now confident that we can allow the world access while we get back to building new features and enhancements – as we make progress on these, you’ll see periodic announcements.

To our current users:

  • This doesn’t change anything about how you use DropCatch; we still welcome and love your suggestions, and we’re still ready to answer your support requests.

To any new or prospective users:

We look forward to seeing what the world at large thinks of DropCatch now and over the coming months as more exciting things happen.

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