Auction News (and a Font Change)

Hello All! Later today, you’ll notice a domain come back up for auction that just finished auctioning yesterday; we re-list unpaid-for auctions, but this is a special case because of a subtle user-interface-design problem.

The domain “” when cased and displayed in our default font, is shown as “”, which looks incredibly like “” (“LIGE.COM”) – which it is not. To prevent this confusion in the future, we’re taking some steps to address this situation:

  • We’re re-listing the “” auction with all of it’s original backorderers as participants, it starts at 2PM Mountain Time TODAY.
  • We’re changing our font for listing domain names to Noto Serif – we think it’s easier to read and distinguish between confusing characters like upper-case “i” and lower-case “L”.

If you notice any more things like this around DropCatch that could lead to confusion (poor contrasts, confusing prompts, unusual symbolic cues, etc) please feel free to send them along in an email to – throw in a screenshot or a description of the problem and we’ll find a way to make it a little nicer to work with.

Posted in Announcement, Bug

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