DropCatch Launches Beta Discount Club; Backorders Starting at $15.00

Since we first started taking backorders, we’ve received numerous requests from customers wanting to backorder domains at discounted rates.  To meet this desire, we have created the DropCatch Discount Club.  The Discount Club is an invitation-only beta for select DropCatch.com Customers who desire to backorder numerous domain names per day at rates lower than the standard $59 backorder price.  If you are a high volume backorderer, you can email Support@DropCatch.com to request access to this program.  While this is invitation-only right now, we will likely bring more customers into this program as time goes on.

Discount Club pricing, like standard-rate pricing, includes the first year of registration services at NameBright.com, but follows a “name your price” model instead of a minimum $59 bid model.  When you place a Discount Club backorder, you name your price between $15 and $58 USD.  Under this model, we consider the “winner” of a caught domain to be whoever offered the highest price for it.  There are NO AUCTIONS with the Discount Club and the person who placed the highest Discount Club backorder price will be awarded the domain.

Please note that Discount Club backorders will always be trumped by $59 backorders.  Discount Club backorders will also be trumped by corporate partners who are also interested in domain names.  In other words, Standard-rate, $59, backorders will have the highest priority within DropCatch.com and will beat out all other classes of backorder; if no standard-rate backorders exist, but a backorder exists from one of our corporate partners (such as HugeDomains), the corporate partner will be the winner of the domain; finally, if no competing backorders exist at higher priorities, the domain finally goes to the Discount Club and will be made available to the person with the highest Discount Club backorder price.

Please send an email to support@DropCatch.com if you would like to be considered for this program.

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