DropCatch.com is reducing the starting price for .COM and .NET discount club backorders for the month of February!

This promotion is only for the Discount Club – Regular backorder prices do not change.

Starting February 6th through February 28th, 2017 place a .COM discount club backorder for $8.00 USD, or a .NET Discount Club backorder for $10.00 USD. The Discount Club is a backorder club for customers interested in back ordering numerous backorders a day at rates lower than standard backorder. Previously the starting bid for a Discount Club Backorder was $15.00, but for the month of February we are reducing this minimum bid! The Discount club is open to all new and existing DropCatch.com members!
This is how the Discount Club works:

  • Discount Club backorders may be placed at $8.00 -$58.00 USD for .COM domains and $10.00-$58.00 USD for .NET domains.
  • Discount Club backorders are awarded only when NO Regular backorders or bulk partner backorders exist.
  • The winner of the domain name is determined by the highest Discount Club backorder placed.
  • In the event two Discount Club backorders are placed at the same price, the user who placed the backorder first will be awarded the domain name
  • NO AUCTIONS will be held for Discount Club backorders.


If you have questions regarding the promotion, please feel free to contact us at Support@DropCatch.com or by phone at (303)502-9098

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