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DropCatch Now Supports .CC and .TV Backordering

DropCatch just enabled .cc and .tv domain extensions.  Each backorder costs $59.00 USD and the same rules apply: One backorder on a domain – if we acquire the domain name, you are charged a one-time fee of $59.00 USD.  You

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Backorder Audit

Incorrect “Misses” An internal process which alerts customers of caught and missed domains failed for Monday’s drop (7/14).  The domains have been … doing nothing … in a holding account in our system, but were marked as missed. So we were curious

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Auction News (and a Font Change)

Hello All! Later today, you’ll notice a domain come back up for auction that just finished auctioning yesterday; we re-list unpaid-for auctions, but this is a special case because of a subtle user-interface-design problem. The domain “” when cased and displayed

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DropCatch Open Beta

Ladies and Gentleman, we’d like to announce – with some pride and good cheer – that DropCatch is now in Open Beta! In the last handful of months, our wonderful users have helped us find all manner of small (yet bothersome)

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Something Broke

Hello All! Over the weekend we ran into some technical difficulties in regards to processing payments, starting auctions and delivering domains; as far as we can tell (email us if we’re wrong) no one got overcharged for their domains, but

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This week, on…

It’s been a busy week for the DropCatch team, readying new features, fixing bugs and tweaking the site to better suit the desires of the community. First, we now have a blog! This is where we’ll be putting up downtime

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